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Project 3 - The Intermission (wood slices)

Here we go now !!

Moving swiftly on..... So this was meant to be a little filler of a project really, but as with the 1st two stages, it's had a few ups and downs... but its all good !

This idea was born from those little stickers/slap ups graffiti artists use - like "Hello, my name is " sort of thing..... They, like graf, are simply just a wonderful way to get your name about ! As I kinda wanted to do the same thing, my brain had to try and figure out a another way of doing this - but in a new and unseen way !!!

And BOOM ! After eyeing up a few bits of tree I had left over from making a table, google searches about adding images to wood and mainly the HUGE discovery of finding out about a substance named "Mod Podge"...... I was away !!! ( another post, up next will go into the process in more detail ! )

Then I messed up bad, I knew I had to reverse text, but as mine were images, I totally disregarded the fact that MY images CONTAINED text !!!! So they all came out backwards.

Doh !

Moving on, I picked 10+ images - of Exeter city and it's art work, and got busy !

These will be revealed soon in full, along with a tutorial !

But "why ?" I hear you cry !

Well - as mentioned, I'm using this to....

A: Get my name out there in a fun way !


B: Celebrate a new feature @ LukeJoyce.Photography ( coming soon )


C: Cause a little "free" happiness by dropping all of these randomly around Exeter city for others to find and keep !

Please find a selection of images below displaying some "in the making" stuff and I'm gonna be working on adding a tutorial ( for giggles ) here real soon !

This Is Project 3,

I like Photography.

Peace !

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