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Project 2 - The "BrOkEn" Collection...

" No idea's original, there's nothing new under the sun " ( nas )

So - here we go again ! Another project and another post !

This one has been damn fun - and as with all of the projects, it will be continued, continuously !

So, a few years back, I was dragged into a posh shop that I couldn't pronounce, and upon it's walls was a collection of images ( the name of the shop and imagery are irrelevant here ) framed in what could only be described to you, here today, as "broken" frames.... A few bits of scrap frame - banged together to make another frame...

And I loved them - and said "what a good idea !"... "I'm gonna do that one day"....

Skip a year or 5 and BANG ! here we are..........

It started at the start... buying wood.... then came sourcing the frames....

The tip, 10 odd charity shops, reclamation yards... you name it, I rocked them with my amazing haggling skills ( lies ) !

And the project began with wooden base frames to fix the chopped up frames upon.

Like this ( the plain wood part with a screw in it ! )

Then came the realisation that I couldn't cut the frames precise enough, so I purchased a saw ! A beast ! Scares me a little - but damn it works well !

After that I was well away cutting a selected corner from one frame and fitting it to the base frame I had previously made.

Many, many errors were made, but I'm enjoying the process and can now put one all together from scratch in an hour or 2 ( paint/finish aside ).

They are all fitted with screws AND gorilla glue, so they are not coming apart !

I've made most of it up as I've gone along, but I'm over the moon with all of the completed versions so far.

The saw....

The 1st was simply a "Broken" one, but since then the frames have also been themed to match the image itself ( stone finish for an image of a quote on a stone for example ) with some crazy creations still in the mix.... I have 3 more of these in the making in my work space with the parts. images and frames all ready - and I'll be ending it, just for a while, with a triple image ensemble... 3 canvas prints in 3 broken frames, sold as one !

I have loads and loads of frames in stock now, so when the other projects ( 3 and 4 ) are well on the way - I will return to make lots more of these in the future.

But for now - some more "in the making" shots and a link to find the finished products...

As always - thanks for reading !

( project 3 - the intermission - on it's way ! )

See all the completed "Broken" frames here >

Oh ! And you will be able to view these, in the real, at my "soon to be announced" Exhibition in Exeter - So stay tuned !!!!!!

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