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"Project 1 - The Mini collections"

Here we go now !!

Project 1....The 1st one.....

So I had the idea to start making collections out of the images I've captured over the years - starting with the abandoned realm as they have, kind of, set areas.... Like "religious" and "industrial" for example.

I have a loads of little easels that I've accumulated for exhibitions/events and I like them... So I put 2 and 2 together and started googling "mini easels" at the same time as creating sets of ten images, starting with 10 captured in various mental health establishments around the U.K. ( see here > )

This part took me ages and ages...... after about 3 indecisive evenings I had got it down to the 10 !

Then came the 1000's of listings for "mini easels" in all sizes - most, not mini at all.... or not mini enough !

I found a supplier, at the right price, in the right size and ordered 10 to shoot the 1st set. At the same time sending 3 batches of test samples off - of the 10 images to the best lab the U.K has..... Mistakes made on the 1st two batches.... my fault totally.....

After some perfect timing they were all in my possession and I was happy !

At this point I had just sold my 1st set , and only had one set of easels so quickly went to order some more - and BANG ! gone ! no more.... In a panic, I ordered some more...the wrong size.... then found them the same size, and I ordered lots !

The 2nd collection of these "minis" were slowly being put together as the "Mechanical Misfits" ( see here > )

Both were captured at the studio where I work - then taken out for their own little shoot,

the mechanical misfit set was shot in a small scrapyard on the outskirts of Exeter and the former asylums in my garden !

Aside from this - I Had to source some matching tissue paper and sleek boxes to pack them in - and Voila !

This is the 1st project - but as with all of them, they will be continued and created throughout the years to expand the collection, adding to it when I can....

Some in the making...

-Operation Aviation

-Lost Art Forms

-Religious Relics

I will be aiming to make my own easels for these in the near future also !

Thanks for reading !

Project 2's blog, coming soon !

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