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Wooden House

Yo BW dnr
y Ol Chucky
Running Scared
time for a scrub
Store room BMC 2
Ol Chucky
Last one left...
Quiet Time 2 ...
Khoi DNR
JPS Crawl 4
Im Waiting 2
escape hatch
Fish bowl DNR
Enter your dreams dnr
Double Back DNR
Crooked Case dnr
BMC Blah

Got Wood ?

Sadly - No info again on this residential gem, hidden in Belgium...

But there is a funny tale....

We had trouble pin pointing this one ( shout out to Trev on the plotting....)
And then we clocked a "Do not enter" or "toegabandan fobbition" (?) sign and we knew we were close....

After a little walk into the woods we spotted our target...

( I'll skip alot )

After 10 mins, 3 out of 5 of us said "Sod this ! It's crap !" and headed back to the car...
Just then, me and fellow PRO explorer "The Growler" said "Hold on a mo !? The Wooden House ? why is it called that then, there is no wood?" Just as we found the entrance ( almost like a hidden home

inside a house ?) to the ....WOODEN HOUSE....

Took a load of photos - and went back to the car to take the piss out of the others, that didn't even
find the the place that we looking for !!!!!!


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