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The Crypt

Yo BW dnr
y Ol Chucky
Running Scared
time for a scrub
Store room BMC 2
Ol Chucky
Last one left...
Quiet Time 2 ...
Khoi DNR
JPS Crawl 4
Im Waiting 2
escape hatch
Fish bowl DNR
Enter your dreams dnr
Double Back DNR
Crooked Case dnr
BMC Blah

An iconic urbex location....
Underground in Belgium....

The abandoned crypt in Belgium, is made up of three perpendicular tunnels following the graveyard paths.

on the surface. Many vaults, both occupied and empty line these tunnels and their inscriptions date
from 1885 to 1978.

When the crypt was opened, the coffins placed into the underground vault were made of cheap wood. These coffins quickly broke up and rotted. Because of this the city then required coffins to be made of zinc for the crypt to make them more resistant to corrosion.

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