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Meet the 4th addition to the "Broken" collection ! 


Captured inside Lillesden School for Girls.


This structure has an amazing time line...


In 1853 an old Elizabethan mansion together with the surrounding grounds was bought by Lieutenant Colonel Edward Loyd, a wealthy banker from Manchester. Eventually his bank, Jones Loyd & Co, became what is now the NatWest.


When the First World War broke out the house was requisitioned to be used as a hospital for Belgian refugees and wounded soldiers.


It was acquired by the war office again during World War 2 as a hospital after it was used for a school and hotel.


As it's final use, the girls school closed in 1998.


"To their great credit, the school produced amazing results with the majority of pupils achieving the highest grades, all the more surprising in view of the fact that the school did not limit it's intake to bright stars and flyers - they had a good reputation for teaching dyslexic and even dyspraxic girls too"


This image was captured by myself in 2011.


The frame is made up of 3 reclaimed, retro frames, deconstructed and carfully put back together on a wooden base for this "one off" edition 16x12 hard-backed canvas print. The frame has then been coated in white paint and has been finished off in a rustic stone effect to match the image.






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