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Abandoned Institutions Of Great Britain ( mini collection ) is the first collection released in my "mini" range.

*Free delivery on the 1st ten orders* & *Free gift when ordered @ LukeJoyce(dot)Photography *

The whole collection consist of my 10 favourite images, each from a different institute. These will be packed along with the easels in a superb graphite sheen box, containing a print-out listing all of the images, their titles and information regarding the location itself.

The images themselves are all created by myself and captured inside various former mental health establishments across Great Britain.
Access to these sites are off limit, entering them can be dangerous and they are often secured and patrolled...... These images are all captured at my own risk. Some of this collection has been featured at various exhibitions ( The Goodwin Gallery, Poltimore House, Beehive, Cockington Court ) However this is the 1st time I have hand picked a collection of my personal favourite's, bringing to you this unique box set of images. 

I have been interviewed on BBC radio discussing my work and the subject matter. My work has been featured in various publications and displayed around the world. I am still actively documenting abandoned locations and updating my archive of imagery daily. 

Abandoned Institutions Of Great Britain

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