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Hms Royal Arthur

( Corsham, Wiltshire )

Yo BW dnr
y Ol Chucky
Running Scared
time for a scrub
Store room BMC 2
Ol Chucky
Last one left...
Quiet Time 2 ...
Khoi DNR
JPS Crawl 4
Im Waiting 2
escape hatch
Fish bowl DNR
Enter your dreams dnr
Double Back DNR
Crooked Case dnr
BMC Blah

1st things 1st, there is a page dedicated to this location...

( see link below )
But here is a copy and past from Wiki for you also !

HMS Royal Arthur was a shore establishment of the Royal Navy, initially at Ingoldmells near Skegness, and later at Corsham, Wiltshire. During the Second World War, the former holiday camp at Ingoldmells was used to mainly train 'Hostilities Only' (for the duration of the war only) communications branch ratings and officers (signalmen, telegraphists, coders and wireless operators).

The establishment was recommissioned on 2 January 1947 in Westwells Road, Corsham as a leadership training establishment, and one of several assessment camps where new recruits were assessed, kitted out and sent to their various depots.

The last recruits arrived on 31 October 1949 and on 15 March 1950 it ceased to be used for training National Service inductees and concentrated on leadership training of Petty Officers at the instigation of Lord Louis Mountbatten.

The name was then transferred to the recently paid off Camp Kingsmoor on 16 March 1950. The camp continued in service until the last trainees left on 11 December 1992 and personnel finally left on 5 March 1993.

The site has suffered heavy vandalism since its abandonment and is now undergoing demolition for the building of a retirement village.

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