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Turbine Hall

Yo BW dnr
y Ol Chucky
Running Scared
time for a scrub
Store room BMC 2
Ol Chucky
Last one left...
Quiet Time 2 ...
Khoi DNR
JPS Crawl 4
Im Waiting 2
escape hatch
Fish bowl DNR
Enter your dreams dnr
Double Back DNR
Crooked Case dnr
BMC Blah

A beautiful power station in Belgium that has been kept pristine.

Central Electrique Ohm is a small power plant in Belgium built in 1912 to supply electricity to the surrounding iron works. As the site grew to become one of Belgium’s largest metal factories it was considered beneficial to supply their own electricity. A turbine hall was built in the industrial revolution style.

As the area saw a decline in the iron industry the power station became defunct. The building was protected as a monument in 1999 still contains three original turbines which have been restored to a high standard. More recently the site was purchased by an investor who embarked on a full restoration project. It is now used as an events space.

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